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ELMC provides a range of tools for managing Ecamm Live, including user-friendly interfaces and helpful video tutorials. Users can easily learn how to operate our software and applications, thanks to our intuitive interface design and extensive tutorial resources.

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The trustworthiness and reliability of our apps are evident from their availability in the Apple App Store, which offers users a secure and reliable platform to download and access them.

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ELMC for Ecamm Live

Download the ELMC Mobile app today and enjoy a free 7-day trial to manage your Ecamm Live show with ease, all from your smart device. With no additional software or setup required, simply connect your device to the same internet network as your Ecamm Live computer and launch the app. The ELMC app provides two layout options, including auto-layout for easy control of Ecamm Live. Additionally, users can create their own custom layouts.


ELMC Midi Deck


ELMC Midi Deck

ELMC Midi software allows you to control Ecamm Live using midi from any device. You can trigger scenes, overlays, videos, input sources such as cameras, NDI, and other inputs that Ecamm recognize. You can trigger sounds, modes, interview guess, volume, mute and more. If your device can generate midi it can control Ecamm Live using our software.

By downloading today, you can enjoy a complimentary 7-day trial.

Easy to use

The ELMC MIDI deck software has a user-friendly interface and is effortless to operate.


ELMC MIDI Deck software is universally compatible with all MIDI-enabled devices, providing seamless integration and versatile performance.

RØDECaster Pro Users

Elmc Midi Deck software is compatible with RØDECaster Pro I and II

Why use it

With ELMC Midi Deck software, users can easily control live streams and recordings using their existing MIDI-enabled

Coming Soon

Moderator's Suite!

The ELMC moderator's suite has been tailored to cater to Ecamm Producers, allowing you to manage Ecamm remotely.

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